UPDATES: October 5, 2017

Homeowner’s on Palmwood Court and Greenhill Court:  Due to the cool evening temperatures and shade on the Courts the seal on your streets have not completely dried.  The Contractor will be out by 7 am Friday, October 6 to check the progress and complete the project.  We are sincerely sorry for this I convenience.  

Concerning trash collection, please have your trash cans/recycle out by 6 am on Friday morning.  The board is working on assuring your trash will be collected.


As part of community improvement efforts, we will be sealing cracks in the parking lots as well as repaiting parking spaces and curbs.  Dates will be announced here along with notices provided to each home.  Vehicles will be required to be moved during this process.  Additional details will be provided once the plans are finalized.

A reminder, pet waste must be picked up.

Trash cans and recycling ontainers are to be stored in the back of units.  There are no exceptions to this policy. Trash and recycling is to be placed in cans the night before and must be removed by Friday evening.  Trash cans and recycling containers left out past the deadline will be removed by the community.
These policies are part of our effots to keep this community clean.  We appreciate your efforts to achieve this goal.

This is a reminder that each homeowner is allocated two (2) parking spaces.  If you have additional cars in your family, please do not use the guest parking spaces. These spots are for guests staying up to 4 (four) days in a 30-day period.  Vehicles that are in violation of this policy will be towed at the homeowners expense. For more information, please review the parking policy located on this page. Thank you all for your cooperation.  Non-registered or vehicles making extended repairs are also subject to towing.

Reminder: We will begin towing vehicles in violation of this policy. Please see the Parking link for additional information.

Ulmstead Gardens is a townhouse community of 237 households on 50 acres of private and community property.

First incorporated in 1981, the community is self-managed by volunteers. The Homeowners’ Association consists of an elected Board of Directors. Various committees are appointed to monitor the overall aesthetics of the community, including architectural control and landscaping.

Amenities include a walking path, park, playground, and basketball court.

The Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at Deep Creek Restaurant. 

 Interested in being part of the Board or a Committee? Send us an email or come out to one of our meetings. We are always looking for volunteers to help keep Ulmstead Gardens a great place to live!