Community News

Have you notice!!   A new layer of mulch has been spread at the playground!!  

We are aware a swing needs to be replace and the board is working on getting that done.


Would you like to get involved in your community, but just can’t make it to the Board Meetings?  No worries, there is something you can do for Ulmstead Gardens - Plan parties or events at the community playground!

How about a Summer Fun Day?  Fall Festival?  Halloween Costume Contest?  You tell us what you would like to plan and the Board will work with you.  This is a great way to meet your neighbors and be a part of your community.  



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Yard Waste

Remember PLEASE dispose of all grass clippings, tree & shrub trimmings for recycling on Fridays or take them to the landfill.

Do not dump on common areas in the community.

We have spent unbudgeted money EVERY YEAR & Volunteer time cleaning up our common areas from debris and trash left by residents.

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PayPal now accepted for HOA Dues

Ulmstead Gardens is now accepting PayPal for HOA fees. The PayPal link is available at the bottom of the Navigation menu to the left 

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Are you recycling?

Are you a resident who already recycles as much as you can? If yes, are you sure?

Please know that recycling is easy in Anne Arundel County. Most people recycle items that come from the kitchen, but what about your home office? Laundry room? Family or kid’s room?

You may be surprised to know that recent surveys at the landfill have shown that at least half of what is thrown away COULD be recycled. Recycling makes good environmental and economic sense. Recycling is an easy way to save energy, reduce pollution, save money and take better care of our environment.

So remember to place a recycling container next to each trash can in your home: in the office, bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Paper, plastic, metal and glass can all be placed in the same container for collection.

You make a choice with every item you throw away, a choice between throwing it in the recycling container or throwing it in the trash can. We encourage you to recycle at home, at work and on the go. Please visit our new website at or contact us at 410-222-7951 for a list of newly added accepted items to help boost your recycling and to take the 50/50 Challenge.

If you’d like more information on what can be recycled, how to get a recycling container, or how to help others in your community do more, visit our website at


So how is your neighborhood doing? Below is a County map showing the recycling rate of each of our service areas. The recycling rate for each area is tracked monthly to help determine the progress of our recycling program.


Thanks for doing your part to increase recycling in Anne Arundel County!   

See who is recycling where!Image result for pictures of recycling

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Pet waste and cleanup

Pet waste continues to be a frequent issue reported by multiple residents of Ulmstead Gardens. PLEASE CLEAN UP after your pet. A walk about the community will quickly reveal that this is more then an isolated issue or two, there is poop all over the place. states the following:

Article 12 Section 4-909 Removal of Animal Excreta

The owner of any animal shall be responsible for the removal of any excreta deposited by his or her animal on public walks, recreation areas, or private property other than his own.

The message here is to PLEASE pick up your pet’s poop, every time.

A very big thank you to the resident pet owners who are already being responsible and picking up after their pets; the UGCA board is looking into posting signs to support your efforts. Please be sure to report any violations via the community phone number or email. Follow up to these complaints will not be possible without an address of the pet owner.

POOP PATROL is a recurring theme with most HOAs. Please help the community by doing your part as a pet owner.

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