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NOTICE TO RESIDENTS:  If you are aware of another resident or guest that is parking their car in a guest parking space to please contract the board with the name and address of the violator in order for us to address them directly.  The Board will then work to ensure the owner of the unauthorized vehicle is given notice that they are in violation of our rules and regulation.     

HOMEOWNERS: If you would like confirmation of your assigned parking space, please contact Ulmstead Gardens Board of Director’s.  We will be happy to provide the information to you.

Comprehensive Parking Rules

Ulmstead Gardens Community Association, Inc.

Parking Committee

1. No Boats, Campers, Recreational Vehicles, Storage Containers, or Trailers.

2. No vehicles of more than 3/4 ton capacity.

3. Vehicles must have valid tags and registration, and be in operable condition.

4. Vehicles must be parked between marked lines in all designated parking spaces.

5. No parking in fire lanes, intersections, or other unmarked spots.

6. No double-parking.

7. Vehicles must not obstruct sidewalks or the flow of traffic.

8. Repairs to vehicles must last no more than 24 consecutive hours

9.No parking in assigned spaces without permission of the home owner.

10.Guest/ Visitor vehicles may park in guest parking for any (4) days in any (30) thirty day period.

11.No resident parking in Guest spaces.

12.Speed limit in courts not to exceed 10 mph.

13. All motor vehicles shall be driven only upon paved streets and parking lots.  No motor vehicle shall be driven on trails or unpaved portions of Common Area, except such vehicles authorized by the Board of Directors as needed to maintain, repair or improve the Common Areas. 

These rules apply to all parking lots owned and maintained by the Ulmstead Garden Community Association: Melissa Ct., Mosswood Ct., Palmwood Ct., White Coral Ct., Greenblades Ct., Graymoss Ct., Gator Ct., the parking lots at the end of Greenhill Road, and Greenhill Court; only the parking lot at the end past the circle.

Please note that homeowners are responsible for all actions of their guests and tenants.  Everyone is asked to advise their visitors, guest or tenants to respect the parking spaces assigned to your neighbors.  To vehicle owner(s) with more than (2) two vehicles, please note that the unassigned/guest spaces are intended as short term parking for guest/visitors and are not to be used for resident parking.

Guest/Visitor definition: Friends or family visiting, delivery individuals and/or service technicians (plumber, cable installer, electrician, etc.).

If your vehicle is towed, please contact Top Notch



Short term parking definition: Guest/Visitor vehicles may park in guest parking for any four (4) days in a thirty (30) day period.  The term “day” will be constituted by use of any guest space for any part of any 24-hour period.

Notices will be posted on vehicles in violation of these rules.  Notice of violation is not necessary in the following cases, and vehicles found in violation may be towed by the Association without notice:

1. The vehicle is parked along a yellow curb or otherwise marked fire lane.

2. The vehicle is parked as to prohibit the free movement of another vehicle or restricts the passage of pedestrians or pedestrian walkways.

3. The vehicle does not display current license plates, valid and current local and/or state registration stickers.

For all other violations, seven days corrective notice will be given before being towed or fined.  For parking offences, the fine shall be no greater than $100 per offense.

Vehicles that are towed will be towed to the address posted on the sign at the entrance of every court in the community.

A lot owner or resident may remove a vehicle improperly parked in that resident or owner’s reserved parking space at their own risk; provided, however, that the Association shall not be responsible for any cost associated with the removal.

Parking rights may be rescinded by the Board for violations of the Association rules and regulations, convents and by-laws, and may be rescinded for delinquency in assessment payments in excess of sixty (60) days after a due process hearing is held before the Board of Directors.

Parking issues reported to the parking committee and/or community board, for HOA assigned parking spaces, must be reported by the owner of the residence which the parking space is assigned to.

Violations of the law should be reported directly to the Anne Arundel County Police Department.  County Police may also be notified of any parking infringements on these roads, including parking of boats, campers, trailers, or commercial vehicles over 3/4 ton capacity.  Boats and trailers will be towed immediately unless previously approved by a Board recognized member of the Ulmstead Gardens Community Association Parking Committee.


The Board of Directors, or its designee, shall be authorized to enforce all provisions and restrictions of this Parking Policy and accomplish enforcement in a manner that is consistent and equitable to all residence, guest and visitors.  The Board of Directors shall have the authority to impose a fine for each parking violation found to be true after the homeowner has had an opportunity appear before the Board.  For parking offenses the fine shall be no greater than $100 per offense.  Any explanation or mitigation offered by the homeowner shall be considered in the imposing of the fine.  If, following said opportunity to be heard, the Board determines that there was in fact a violation; the involved homeowner will be fined a sum no greater than $100.  There is limit on the number of times this procedure can occur over any given time period so long as the homeowner allegedly in violation is given proper notice with opportunity to be heard.  The decision of the Board shall be final.  Any parking fines not paid in full within 15 days of notice will be turned over to collection and subject to collection and delinquent fees.

In the event the Board is required to take legal action to collect on fines, which have been imposed on a homeowner, the homeowner shall also be liable for all collection fees and court costs incurred by the Association.